Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sand Timers

First official duo dentist appointment yielded the holy grail of tooth brushing: the coveted sand timer. This mythical artifact can actually turn tooth brushing into the carnival ride we've always dreamed it could be.

Add some blue sparkle toothpaste, bubble gum flavor, and then dispense it yourself and you might as well have won the lottery. So far we have only fudged a little on the recommended "pea-sized" amount of toothpaste mentioned by our dentist.

I do seem to recall something about not actually eating the toothpaste, but I can only assume this refers to sucking it right from the bottle, but hey, once it is on the bristles what else are they going to do with it for two minutes worth of sand?


  1. How fun! Those timers are a big hit around our house too. Whenever Gabe or I are doing something Natalie offers us the timer to help us know when to quit. If only I really could stop after 2 minutes of laundry....

  2. What a cool idea!! I wished my dentist would've given me one of those... years ago, of course!