Tuesday, April 6, 2010

The Beginning

Jane slides over next to me. I wrap my arm around her shoulders, and we settle into the black couch. More and more we just sit. Gathered together, hands on my belly, we wait for the baby. Go ahead nudge our hands. And today, her mess of curls on my shoulder, Jane and I listen. Daddy bought us a theatrical reading of Genesis. The beginning. One precious child tucked under my ribs, another under my arm, still another sucking her thumb, and another shooting darts at a spider on the ceiling, the beginning.

Then, her voice soft like wind, "You're my best friend." Janie's blue eyes capture my face.


  1. :)
    You captured my afternoon as well... except listening to Jon Courson expound on the meanings of Galatians 2... with a boy under my arm and a boy under my ribs. How blessed are we?

  2. Blessing upon many, many, uncountable blessings.

  3. What a special moment for you both! There's nothing quite like having your momma as your best friend!