Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Good NEWS!

No more breech baby! Our darlin' is HEAD DOWN.

Thank-you for your prayers and suggestions. {HUG}

Now, one other small problem...

She has no name. Help!

The only rule: 4 letters. You know, like Jane, Jack, and Lucy!

Names, anyone?


  1. Lily? Beth? Livy? Suze?

    (I've got a million of them!)

  2. GREAT NEWS, Praise God!

    Anna, Anne, Fran, Mary, ... I'll be thinking :)

  3. I'm still rooting for Jami. After what I did for Craig to the that orange bowl back, I think I deserve it! Glad to hear she's ready to come out properly!

  4. Hooray!

    Kate, Bryn, Maya, Sara, Abby, Quin.

    Baby? (Teehee.)

  5. Praise the LORD!!!!!! He is worthy of being praised! Love you!


  6. Oh, that's great!
    Mimi, Nora, Macy, Andi, Amie, Elle,
    Tess, Thea, Rain (why not?), Lexi, Izzy, Gigi... just to name a few :)
    Have fun choosing!

  7. yeeeHAW!!! Did you end up trying any of those suggestions to flip her?
    I love the name Cora (which means filled heart), and of course I like Rose, too! ;)

  8. Oh, you all are the BEST!

    I'm compiling a list. AGAIN! We keep trying different things to corner a name we both like. :) With a teacher and a former teacher it is QUITE a task!

    Any others names popping to mind?!


  9. Oh, and turning her? I tried the hands and knees thing and lots of praying and less worrying than normal and it just sort of happened! Thanks, Jesus!!

  10. bryn is one of my fave names. also drew for a girl is adorable. but no matter what, she will be sooo cute! congrats on the non-breechness! :)

  11. SO glad she turned! What a relief.

    How about Ella?

  12. Lily Kate!

    I heard this at Bible study ast nght & thought o you...

  13. Alright, so you have a point about the ORANGE BOWL. :)

    You're officially on the LIST.

    And y'all are hitting combinations we haven't totally considered. LOVE it!