Friday, April 23, 2010


Manure. Our children can hardly believe their ears, "Cow POOP?!" Jack squints one eye. Janie laughs, "In the GARDEN?"

Daddy distributes 20 bags across our back vegetable garden. He empties them in big black strokes.

"Hey Daddy," Jane eyes the remaining sacks, "how do you think they get the cows to poop in the bags?"

A miracle, I suppose. Any takers?


  1. I love it! And I'm sure the process is definitely as much of a miracle as getting chocolate milk from them. ;)

    I may be consulting you for gardening tips. The previous owners of our house built four raised beds, and I'm anxious to use them but also nervous about killing everything I plant! Flowers I can do, but I'm a newbie with veggies.

  2. That's a silly question. .....all you do is tie the bag around their heiney. It makes it a lot easier than following them around all day trying to catch it in the bag mid-air. Next question.

  3. Bethany! Beautiful blog, gorgeous kiddo's! Can't wait to read more when I can sit down for a bit... Thanks for stopping by and please let me know if you want to borrow my Beco. Such a pleasure meeting you the other night. I fell asleep thinking of 4 letter names;)

  4. Ha Ha! Love it! Liv got to go with Jeff to pick up a bucket load from a place just outside of Billings. It was a good 5 minute rush to explain that she and daddy got "horse poop and cow poop for garden " It also was pretty silly to her. :)
    How many more weeks/days to you get to meet your new little girlie?
    Barbi--do you take other people's kids questions too? :)

  5. Absolutely hilarious!! I think Barbi has it all figured out!! :)

  6. Oh YES, I definitely think the chocolate-milk-cows must be the smart ones that poop in the bags. And Barbi, you are SO HIRED for future questions. :) I'm thinking we need a forum here!

  7. Oh, and when will we meet sweet little girlie? Officially, 8 days, you know, give or take a week. :)

    Due date: May 3rd.