Thursday, April 15, 2010

Break out the GOGGLES!

That's RIGHT!

It's SWIM weather!

Or rather sprinkler weather.

You know, since the thermometer hit almost 70 today.

Also, news flash: Jack is totally set on naming the baby OLIVE. Lucy goes back and forth on the name. Jane is against it. And Craig says the only way he will name a child OLIVE is if she is born with a pimiento in her lips. Plus, it's not 4 letters.

Soooo any more name ideas? :)


  1. Awesome pictures! :) What a happy family. Can't wait to meet your newest addition!

  2. Craig! That's hilarious.

    You would have thought we were in the middle of a severe heat wave around here yesterday. "Mom, I'm roasting!" I may have children fainting all over the lawn once it hits 80. ;)

  3. I gotta say, Olive IS pretty cute... but I totally see Craig's point of view, too! --what if she's born with her tongue sticking out (that would kinda look like a pimiento, right ;)?? Does it have to be an ACTUAL pimiento??? hehe
    Totally jealous of your awesome weather!!! We got at least a good 5 inches of snow the day before yesterday... boo! But it's quickly melting, and the sun stays out for a long time, 6 minutes more everyday until June 21st! wowee...
    My vote is still for Cora! But I will keep my ears open for more...
    -sorry, i totally wrote you a book! love ya!

  4. Haha, I LOVE it! Happy snow melting way up yonder. :)

  5. Olive, Little O, your Little Donut.
    Ok, Donut might be mxing metaphors... but your LITTLE PIMENTO is REALLY CUTE!

  6. I love the name Olive but Brandon felt the same as Craig...go figure! All I can say about the pictures is BBBRRRRRRR!!! But my kids have been begging to play in the water for weeks so I totally get it!

  7. How about Aria?


    Bell or
    beautiful Rose?

    Love you!

    Ones I love that are more than four letters...


    Will keep thinking! Sorry, I have always loved the unusual names...

  8. Man, I make no sense today! Sorry for the poor, poor grammar.

  9. Just sitting here things again...

    Kate goes awfully well with Jane, Jack & Lucy... :)

  10. I'm positively TICKLED at all the suggestions!

    After all our scouring, you've even hit on some NEW ones!!

    You're sooo hired. :)

  11. Well I can't be much help to you in the name department...we have two to come up with ourselves!! But I do have to say that your kiddos are crazy for playing in the sprinkler when its 68 degrees! Gives me goose bumps just thinking about it!

  12. Now I kind of like Olive!! And you know, Craig, not all olives have pimientos in them! And she doesn't have to be green, either!

    With Kate I'd always be thinking negatively - ya know, Jon and Kate Plus Eight - I think it has to be a classic name, just like the other three.

  13. I still like Nora even though it's a street. :) Cora would be cute too. I actually like Olive too. :)Livy for short which has 4 letters. I wanted to name Brooke Nora or Livy but faced husband oposition. :) Nora Rose (or Cora Rose) would be sweet and is classic like the other kids names.
    Good luck! Maybe when you see her, you'll just know who she is. :)