Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Plain Life

Highlights today:

1. A smudgy bruise on Lulie's temple. The swing, OK. The four-year-old probably scarred by freak-out-mom who hopes the neighbors were all at church when the gravity defying stunt unfolded.

2. A cereal bowl full of pee. Yeah, that's right PEE. In the kitchen. On the floor. Jack's brain-child.

3. A fortress of garden stakes also known as "Jack helping plant the garden". I retrieve an upside-down geranium.

4. Naked Jack switched to his birthday-suit half way through playing in the sprinkler.

5. Water hose incident and disclaimer. She didn't MEAN to get him FULL in the face. Hair and all. Riot.

**Pause for a cup of BLACK coffee.

5. The two-year-old reports, "I clean the toilet." And demonstrates. Do we have this backward? Can't we clean cereal bowls and pee in toilets?

6. The cousins come over and all eat dirt. It looks delicious. Jack's runny nose forms an impressive dirt beard.

7. Way past bedtime, we pile onto the top bunk and for the first time all day I really hear the constant trickle of language know as Jane. I bathe in the hospitality of two silly-hearts for more than an hour. Their laughs splash into all the cracks of the day.


It's a wonderful life.


  1. Sounds like one of those DAYS...

    Thank you so much for letting our boys join in on the fun. Daniel and I REALLY enjoyed our anniversary dinner :)

    .... and the boys really enjoyed their dirt dinner

  2. Ah, those were the days. I remember a certain somebody who is now over 6 feet tall who once collected his pee for several days in a gallon jar. Much sneakier than your little darling, he hid it behind the toilet which culminated in yours truly walking by the bathroom repeatedly saying, "What is that SMELL?!"

    Can you imagine Jack will be taller than you someday?

    BTW, I love the pics. Even this "posed" one shows everybody being themselves in the context of the family--organized chaos. Just like real life.

  3. I LOVE the new bolg title photo!!! So cute and so full of expressions! FUN.

    I will email you some of those pics soon! as soon as I can get to it!


  4. Oh, I too LOVE the new picture at the top of your blog. Your pictures are always so fun to look at and full of life.

  5. Your victory cake must be gone or else there would have been a pause for cake along with the black coffee. :) You'll have so much fun looking back at these posts someday! Love you!

  6. Oh, can I just say it again, THANK-YOU. Your encouragement makes me laugh, smile, sigh, and feel like life and I can get along in a play-nice-kind-of-way. :) Thanks.

  7. Pee in a bowl - that little guy of yours is a RIOT - love him! :-)

    And look at you - you're a doll - you and your babies and dimples :-)

  8. Yes, yes! Bethany, thank you for being the amazing woman that you are. Thank you for sharing your views on just plain life... absolute, 100% poetry.