Monday, April 20, 2009

The Pitch

In trouble again. We've all been there haven't we? Janie crosses and then uncrosses her arms, "I feel bad for myself now, Momma."

A promising start, "Okay, why?"

Janie lifts a caterpillar brow, crinkles her forehead, "For being wicked." Lips extended for emphasis, she pauses.

"Oh," I lean to one side, squint. "Ok, what did you do?"

Jane takes her CEO stance and begins the pitch, "Well," she raises both shoulders, "I don't know what the wicked thing is," this isn't looking good, "but I know how to say the word, 'wicked'." Shrug, "It's just a thing that kids understand."

"Ah. So you want a little more time to think about what you actually did?"

Sigh. Deflated like a birthday balloon, "Yeah."

Don't we all think that? If we can just say the magic phrase won't that just make everything ok? The business of changing a heart is just so sticky.


  1. I love how you describe this interaction, Bethany! I can just see it thanks to your vivid descriptions.

  2. HA! That little girl just cracks me up...

  3. The important lil interactions that are the stepping stones toward understanding--you are a patient woman, Bethany. Never push it too hard, never try to squeeze the juice out of the teachable moment (so that kids finally just stop talking to you). Love you!

  4. So that's how you are supposed to handle these sorts of situation. Paaaaaatience. And you mean you don't have to threaten no birthday presents for five years, no xmas presents for ten, and no Easter eggs ever again. And that failing, you don't have to equally bribe the twin to rat on her sister? Well, Ok. I have one child almost out the door, but I can still learn.

  5. Haha, oh, you all make this life full and rich and hilarious, the prickly burdens of life becoming watering holes of encouragement. Thanks.

  6. your kids have so much personality! i love your posts... you are a great storyteller. can't wait to hear what else comes out of the mouths of your babes!

  7. one more thing: i've been meaning to add you to my list of friends on my blog but i don't know the first initial of your last name and i already have one bethany on there! i'm too type-A to have 2 bethany's and only have one have a last name... that's just me :)

  8. "Watching" you mother makes me WANT to be a mama, too!! I love "living" your moments with you!!