Friday, April 10, 2009

Swing Me Home

"Momma, I'm getting all talked out right now." Her last underdog push into the big blue sky has waned to no effect on the endless chatter. I heave, push, again up over my head as I step under dangling legs swinging wide. Swoosh. If long swishing pushes and conversations the shape of forever could sustain a person I think Jane would give up eating altogether. I stop at the slide, sip a warm mouthful of coffee.

She senses I am drifting, "So mom, you should probably put a lot of energy into answering my questions, because I don't want to have any during nap." {Sigh} And here I though I was going out to tend the garden. Another underdog push and I wonder what fields of ideas we have yet to plow through.


  1. Oh the questions of a child--Mom, what is an underdog push? It's the kind of push where the adult has to push the swing so hard that it goes up high enough for them to run under it (while they anwer the next question).

  2. Oh, Bethany! Have you told you this before? (Well, if I have, I'll tell you again...) You are such a dreamy mother! Sometimes, when I read your blog, I feel like a child again, watching Anne of Green Gables or some such movie, and I think, that's how I want to be when I grow up! I want THAT kind of life!

    Your life casts enormously great vision!

    Thank you for sharing it.