Monday, March 23, 2009

The Fun Run

I bundled up three little runners for the St. Paddy's Day Fun Run. Here is the moment before I realize my keys are lost. Then I find them only to get lost looking for the race location, turn around twice, ask directions twice and then arrive late with no umbrella to a rain slicked track and lots of wind. Ahh, it's a wonderful life.

When we pulled up into a gravely wide spot in the road and parked, Janie blurted, "Oh, is this the half-marathon?!" My heart was racing so hard at the thought of missing the Fun Run after all her hard training it felt like a half-marathon. We piled out of the car, squinted against the rain and RAN all of us around the track.

Half-marathon, here we come!

Daddy met us there.

All her diligent training, we bought her a shirt which she then insisted on wearing for three days straight, even slept in it. Finally, I coaxed it into the laundry.

Oh, everyone got ribbons!


  1. Your label is appropriate: just plain fun. ;)

  2. Way to make exercising fun!!! Her face was so cute when she was talking about the fun run last week :)

  3. fun! our shamrock run got rained out too... what do we expect for march, though?! your kids are just the cutest!!

  4. Oh my - those CHEEKS! I just love squishy little baby cheeks. All your kids are so beautiful :)

    I liked seeing a new picture of you too. I have a confession to make...

    I have a cousin named Bethany. She's married with kids. I don't know her really at all - don't even know her husband's name or where they live. But this family? We all have dimples.

    After reading your blog, seeing those dimples...I've actually been wondering if you're my long lost cousin! Sorry to get all stalker-like on you here. Don't be afraid ;)

    I called mom and dad to get the rundown on cousin Bethany - husband named Steve and 2 kids. Mystery solved.

    Turns out we're not cousins :) I know - I'm a total dork. I guess I could have just asked you "Hey, is your dad Pastor John?"

    Okay. Slightly embarrassed here.

  5. Emma sees life as possibillities because you don't let it be only hurdles--even though you write about leaping and skirting the worst of the road blocks, it is never about them. It is as Lynne so apply says--PREVAIL! Indeed,you all will.