Wednesday, March 11, 2009


Taking a moment to marvel at the extravagant kindness of God, we welcome my nephew, Jude Dana, into this world. 8 lb. 14 oz., Monday, March 9, 2009. I'm sure Cerissa will share the richness of this boy and his brothers in the coming days here.

Love and kisses to all and also baby Gabe, Jude's new cousin, born just a few days before him. What lavish blessing.

For all you mommas out there, Janie wants to know: Is it really LOUD when babies POP out?

Please do tell!


  1. You're such an awesome, proud aunt!

    These babies are such blessings... reminds me of this quote: It is not a slight thing when those so fresh from God love us. - Charles Dickens

  2. Cute! All I can say is that those who have witnessed the popping out of any of my babies will attest that I am no Scientologist. Ahem. ;)

    Welcome, new ones!

  3. Pregnancy Popping Sounds

    Step 1
    Place part of one finger in your mouth. You want your palm to be facing outward, away from your face. Up to about the second joint of your finger. Use your index finger for the best results.

    Step 2
    Wrap your lips around your finger. Make sure your lips are firmly around your finger and that no air escapes from around your finger. You want a firm seal, or you won't be able to make the popping noise.

    Step 3
    Create a little suction in your mouth. Do this just like you would to suck on a straw. The breaking of the suction when you move your finger is the force that creates the popping sound.

    Step 4
    Quickly flip your finger outward toward your cheek. Let your finger slide along the inside of your cheek and out of your mouth.

    Step 5
    Let your finger break the seal you've created with your lips as your finger pops out your mouth. This will create a popping noise.

    Step 6
    Practice and repeat steps 1 through 5 to make the popping until you have the motion down and can make the sound consistently.

    This is the sound that resounded from my belly when my water broke with Zachary. (Didn’t happen with Alex, though.)

    Congratulations. What a family to be born into. He is very fortunate. Blessings.

    Prevail. Tattoo Girl.

  4. aww, thanks for the honorable mention! :)
    No popping sound here! And I'm sure Cerissa would say that even if there were a popping sound with Jude's delivery, the words "just get it OUT!!!" and screaming would be all you could hear...!

  5. I was always a little puzzled by the expression POPPING OUT. They call it LABOR for heaven sakes! What then shall we say--Pushed out? Accurate, but too much? How about Squeezes out. Too much information for the two year old? Comes out seems blandly deceptive. SLIDES OUT! Oh yeah, that should fit well in the mind of a child HAHAHAHAHA.

  6. More like forced out...definitely no sliding here. In fact, I am still not to the point of thinking about it yet!

  7. Oh, thank-you all! I think I ended up dodging the bullet with something like, "Oh, yes, very loud, especially when the baby starts crying." ;) POP!

  8. Cute post! I'm thinking back to the births my kids and just thinking of the tired relief when they "popped" out. To pop out, makes it sound so quick doesn't it? ;) I'm loving all of your pictures - so artistic