Friday, March 20, 2009


And so, in we plunge.

Landed now on the far side of sensibility, I sigh. I laugh. I wait even yet to see God's next move. All the average-ness in me wells up into something more.

Yes. Go, Craig. Go to the ends of the Earth in obedience to God. And really, would I want you any other way? You defy the gravity of sensibility and become the man I want our son to be.

Oh that not a day would go by without stumbling into fissures of God's plan. I am in uncharted territory. And, somehow it is freeing and obvious that I am not the author of its success. What hilarious grace that God even bestows us with the honor of coming along in His work.

Africa - The Journey Begins.


  1. So true!! I love the example you both are setting...even when it's hard. Awesome job, by the way, of separating your emotions from God's plan. I sometimes wonder if God is up there doing a happy dance when we really listen to Him and let Him lead!

  2. Awesome conclusion! Whether it's our husband, children or family members - wouldn't we rather want them to be where God is leading instead of right beside us, denying the opportunity to grow in Him? Seems to me that would be a more dangerous place to be - even compared to Africa or other parts of the world.

    I'm eagerly anticipating the next installment in this journey. :)

  3. This I know.

    You will prevail.

    Tattoo Girl

  4. so proud of you too i can't even see straight.

    Bethany, you remind me of one of my heros...ann kiemel.


  5. Your "do you want your name on something great" line has absolutely been haunting me. So beautiful!

    I struggle ALL the time with just feeling so average and mundane and boring and inconsequential. It's appropriate, I suppose, because that's all I really ever can be without Him. But I'm not without Him, so there's hope for me. Hope that my life can be something more than a quickly fading flower.

    I'm sure excited to see what your "something great" is! Sometimes we can't know this side of Heaven, but we'll sit and chat away on that great day when He comes back for us. Pencil me into your calendar, friend.

  6. You have gone places I have not, overcome, where I came along. We shall have to learn from each other now. I want to be like you.