Monday, March 9, 2009

Apple a Day

Snack time, a commentary on life at our house.

Apple #2, yes the nubby on the right, is Jack's. All forms of toothpaste, boogers, peels, cores, floss, accidentally frozen, defrosted, now floppy-soft vegetables from the crisper, and cereal from the very back BACK of the cupboard (I don't think there are weevils in it) are welcome in his kitchen. Hardy constitution, excellent appetite. A frequently heard phrase: Oh honey, you didn't eat that did you?!

Apple #1 is Janie's. Sweet, crisp, and appley as ever, Jane never was one to hurry through a meal. In fact, if a girl can embody the art of lingering and conversation she is the life long mascot. Multiple nominations for president of Enjoy the Moment Club. Motto: When in doubt, just relax and apply ranch (note: is miraculously convinced that a small bowl of vinegar also counts as "ranch"). Was apparently distracted by fabulous conversation at snack time which probably included the "big sister" vernacular of Jack-you-do-this. Either that or she had no ranch for the apple.


  1. Maybe the difference between a boy and a girl?! I can't believe you have her convinced that vinegar is ranch! You really do love that stuff, don't you?!

  2. I love a girl who knows how to linger...

  3. Good they have each other because you know they will marry someone opposite of themselves--good to get familiar with THAT early on hahahaha