Monday, August 24, 2009

Blind Spot

"Do you know why I do that, Momma?" Every half-year or so we notice a small underwear tower in the far corner of Janie's room.

I arch my brows, "Why?"

Her mop of curls tilted to the left, she blinks, "It's because," eyebrows now arched like mine, "the dirty clothes basket, is sort of in my blind spot."

"Oooh." Darn blind spot. Mine too.

We reassemble her underwear tower in the basket.

"Follow me, Jane."

I'm half down the hallway when I hear, "I'll follow you wherever you go." She's almost on tip-toe, "Like wherever you step, I'll step," she says. She mimes it.

With that, all my steps seem to magnetize. This child, building underwear towers and walking on tip-toe, strides and steps in the quiet hole of my blind spot.

And so, we pull out our markers. Write it on your gates, Moses said. Toes pressing into garden dirt, we lean to the back fence and scrawl out a verse we know. And then another. Maybe another tomorrow, making a few footprints we can see.


  1. a piece of art

    You are an inspiration to me - the way you weave scripture in to the lives of your children as naturally as breathing in and out.

  2. Pass the sharpie.

    Careful, don't step on my blind spot hahahaha.

    Light on the fence. Perfect. Hmmmm, what can we do over here...

  3. Oh my goodness! I love this post! Emma is such a sweet girl. You are so creative with teaching them the Word. I wish I had a fence so I could steal your idea!!! --And I completely agree with what Heather said...
    Hope to meet up with you soon, Bethany! Love you

  4. LOVE the fence. Someday maybe I'll have one of my own and copy you :)

  5. You've got a lot of wannabe copy catters, Bethany! Can I hang out in your blind spot too?!

  6. What a sweet girl. Can't wait to see what you come up with for the letter C. :)

  7. Love, love, love that! So awesome to see you marvel and enjoy your children and their precious minds! You are an amazing example of what mom should be like :)

  8. Thanks for sharing your joyful spirit, in this as well as other blogs. Keep 'em coming! They minister to me.

  9. I agree whole heartedly with all of the above, but I think some accolades also need to be given to Miss Emma Jane for at least changing her unders enough to make a pile in the corner. I think all my girls went through a phase around that age when they thought it was a great idea to extend the life of a clean pair of undies by simply using both sides. Well. . . at least I think it was only a phase. . . maybe only in an emergency now. snort

  10. I think that's what the kids were doing when they were writing on the walls - just in their own language. Good idea though - Gramma