Sunday, August 9, 2009

A Gift

The hospitality of a hundred years ago. My friend, Mel, brought me flowers. Sidled into an old milk bottle, they set me and the half-tidied house at ease. Anyone else have friends that can't help but add value to every room they enter?


  1. You.
    Laurie K.
    Kris C.
    Kathy M.
    Debi K.
    Teresa B.
    Linda V.
    Oh I am a rich woman. And to think I went so many years without women friends--clear into my thirties. These are people who show up no matter how ugly the mess or come just because. Some I only hear from occassionally but they are part of my tribe. They have a gift of making whoever they are with (me!) feel like they are most important, not just important but loved. Now that I think of it I cannot leave off...
    Pig Woman!!
    and Punkin HAHAHAHA, I kill myself.

  2. I count you as one of mine! :)

    I love your ever-thankful (that may not be grammatically correct, but you get the gist) look at life. It inspires me to rejoice in the little things more often.

  3. You, my dear friend, are someone who splashes irrepressible joy, peace, inspiration, grace, and so much more into my life. I am richer because of your friendship.

    Love you, Sister!