Sunday, March 20, 2016


"Momma," Lucy says, "Momma, my ear hurts." Two in the morning and I hear desperation.

"Okay," I say. Stumbled from bed, "Just a minute," I whisper. I wrap in a warm robe, and we shuffle to the kitchen. "Let me check something," I say.

Olive oil infused with garlic. I check and read how to make it. Garlic crushed and warming in olive oil we sink into the couch. Time unwinds, unpeels, and loops around us.

"Does it still hurt?" I say.


The dead of night unfurls in silent strokes. It encircles us. We wait.

Something more than the olive oil buoys us as we head to bed.


5807. Glass headed straight pins.

5808. A new bug cage.

5809. Ball canning jars of the tiny variety for making organic face lotion.

5810. Lotion bar molds and new oils and supplies to fill them. The oils smell so delicious.

5811. Cheese cloth. I make ricotta cheese for the first time. Cheese cloth wins the day.

5812. Rilka's Book of Hours.

5813. Jane and I go to a local musical that her cousins are in. So fun.

5814. A long week and the kids ask for bike rides. I know they are finally starting to feeling better.


  1. What happens when we are sick transcends time's horsewhip. Tending the sick, being the sick one, both contain within them a kind of frailty, helplessness, that is the building block for great strength. Faith. Character. Patience. Humility. All the important ones.

  2. Praying for you all. We are sick over here as well. Love to you and your family. You are a treasure. A good Mama is hard to find.