Tuesday, September 28, 2010


"Honey, try not to leave pinch marks on them," I say, "or they will look smushed."

She turns a peach like a newborn babe, hands it one palm to the other. "They'll just look like kids helped with them," she says. Her eyes and hands cradle the peach.

"Hmm," I pause, "That's true."


  1. Well, of course! DUH! Just remind yourself that it'll add some character!!

  2. Oh, I sooo love that statement! It speaks volumes! We can teach them the right way but when it comes down to it, if it looks like "a kid was here", that's okay too. Love it.

  3. how is it that your kids are so smart? i cannot wait until aiden starts talking. not only will he be able to tell me when he's hurting/hungry/tired/thirsty, but he'll be able to share the wisdom of the universe with me. love to you, sweet bethany... xo

  4. I can totally hear her saying that... so matter of fact :)
    Such a smart girl!

  5. Oh my goodness! Of course... and what a beautiful look that is to those in the know.

  6. What a fun memory and important lesson for you both.

    Although I have to say our canned peaches were done by two grown woman and we massacred them!!! HEHE! Maybe the lesson for that is we are all just big kids making a mess out of it. Praise the Lord we have a loving Father that is great at seeing his reflection in us.

    Love and miss you!