Thursday, September 23, 2010

A Boy

"Tears are coming out of you." I set down the phone. Jack watches my hands, stares at my face.

I crouch down, poke out bottom lip. "I'm sad," I say.

"You have tears coming out of you." I hug him, shoulders to my chest. Four years old.

My momma called. A boy we know in a far away hospital has malaria. And sickle-cell anemia. His daddy died a year ago. Malaria too. The boy, he's four.

When Craig visited the Kenyan hospital far, far away, he told me, "You go there to die."

I gather my children and we pray for four-year-old Emmanuel. We pray and pray and gather strength.

Our God is able.

My four-year old thunders through the house in cowboy boots, and I hear it echo down the hall.

God is able.

He is able.

Please heal, Emmanuel.


  1. Your boy is so sweet. And all I can say to your prayer is, Amen.

  2. Praying right along with you. Amen.

  3. Oh, wow. Your words brought tears. Lifting Emmanuel up tonight.

  4. Your kids say the sweetest things, Bethany. What great reflections of beautiful hearts.

  5. tears are coming out of me now, too. i know a child in a similar situation. oh bethany--why does the world have to bleed? come, savior, come... ((and he does, through our prayers))... i love that you linked up tonight friend. i've missed you. xo

  6. HE IS ABLE! Keep us posted. Love your tender-hearted little guy.

  7. Wonderful post. After going to the World Vision exhibit the girls and I were able to pray for him in a special way. They remembered laying in the bed with the netting and learning how dangerous living in Africa can be. Praying for this special boy, friend.

  8. This post makes my heart ache. Thinking of you today. . .