Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Lunch. With. Company.

Ok. It's a lovely lunch, company and all seated around the table. Everyone visits, nibbles peanut butter and honey sandwiches. Smiles, laughes, no one careening off the bench. Lulie leans over and kisses my shoulder, little sweetie. She grins, hands behind her back. I mean who wouldn't soak up the attention? Then in a stoke of one-year-old genius, she decides to really impress everyone. I glance down just in time to see pudgy little hands now showing the whole table a handful of poo. Yeah, poo. Company. at. the. table. How long does this stage last?


  1. I almost feel mean for laughing since none of my four has ever purposely dug in his/her diaper for poo, but I just can't help myself. ;)

    I have a dear friend who went through this, but it was with her rough & tumble, let's-see-what-kind-of-reaction-I-get BOY . I just can't picture sweet Lulie presenting a handful of poo. Or maybe I can, and that's why I can't stop shaking my head and chuckling!

    I hope it's short-lived. And I also hope you are blessed with only the most gracious of company in the meantime. :)

  2. Thankfully, I think she was ALMOST as surprised as I was. And praise the LORD for a gracious lunch guest. I was seriously floored. So does this mean Lulie's ready for potty training or just some cute overalls?

  3. I think it probably just means she's going to be an artist and is simply exploring her potential media. :P

    Would this be considered potty talk?

  4. HAhahahHAHAha-HA! I'll have to tell my mom. She's an artist too. :)

    Potty talk? Technically, since the potty didn't actually actually say anything, I'm gonna say no.

  5. Absolute hilarity!!Ben said "YUCK" and we both got a good chuckle! :) Never a dull moment at your house!