Saturday, December 12, 2009

10 Years, My Honey

Ten years ago today. That's when Craig started courting me. Cold and icy and December wind, it was a day like today. He said he'd have none of this dating business. Dating is for the birds. Could he please court me, he asked.

Court. It seems strange now, we spent that whole time, days, weeks, a couple of months, not so much as a kiss. Just miles and miles of words, jokes and questions, belly laughs and stolen glances. We ate at Perkins, had "our" table. We knew the servers names.

On his birthday he asked me to marry him, held my hand and lassoed the moon. Held my hand, a first. And asked my daddy.

It doesn't take so long to plan a wedding. Don't we just buy a dress and get a church, I asked? It was all so simple, like how we hiked up a waterfall one afternoon just for the fun of it. Our faces wet, the view stretching on and out a million miles, simple.

And all along, he held my hand. Here and there at first. Then lots. Encyclopedias of conversation, atlases of adventure, and he held my hand.

A kiss and a wedding. Three kids, four. Ten years. I couldn't be a richer woman.


  1. Courting... what an awesome legacy to pass on to your kids! Happy anniversary. :)

  2. You did it right. No skipping steps or jumping ahead. Enjoying the small progressions, treasuring them. Like you do with your children. Savoring. Yes, you have taken savoring to a whole new level. :)

    And isn't that what contentment is all about? Indeed.

  3. happy anniversary! love the story...

  4. What a fun story and such special memories.

  5. Aw, this is beautiful. Praying my children will experience the same thing.