Sunday, February 15, 2009

First Born

One of them found it in Daddy's shop, an old red toothbrush. It's the kind with little brown stains around the base of each bristle which are faded and yellow. No one seemed to know who found it first, but Janie confessed to washing it with soap before Jack actually brushed with it.

'Course I convinced three little brothers to leap off a tool shed with grocery sacks on their backs, parachutes. Guess Janie's in good company.


What did the rest of you do?


  1. Natalie and Em and you and I have lots in common! As big sisters we sure wield a lot of power. I need to start praying that she uses it wisely - to glorify God!

    I can't think of anything specific right now, but I'm sure my brothers have a few stories just off the top of their heads! xoxo

  2. I am reading this while telling Logan: "No, I will not spank Thad if you tell me he dropped his spoon - you don't worry about Thad, take care of yourself." How fitting :)

    I don't remember any situations offhand with my sister and brother (maybe Barbs would tell you otherwise!), but I do know I liked to exercise my "authority" plenty (in other words, I was plenty bossy).

  3. Oh boy. I was the oldest, but at least one of my younger sisters was bigger, stronger, and tougher than little ol' me! I didn't get away with much with her around :)

    I came by after you commented at my blog. I'm so happy to meet you - love your blog. Great pictures, honest, fun. I gotta go read back and find out what happened to your little one's eye now...

  4. Middle child here. Had my position of being the yougest and cutest usurped by a baby that was the cutest indeed. I teased her endlessly,relentlessly, until she would cry and get hives. And sadly, all the more attention.

    But we are OK now, right Pig Woman?
    (Except for me taking the window seat on the bus every time--oh never mind...)

  5. Well, yes. I do forgive you. . . seeing how God did make me the cutest one and all. hahaha

  6. Oh, and I got you back. It took me until you were in high school but painting each of your toenails a different color in permanent marker while you slept repaid it all for me. Your reaction... priceless. Fury doesn't begin to describe it. I got in so much trouble for doing it but it was sooo worth it. I have told you it was one of my proudest moments. I mean it takes some real skill to do that-- a veera vera light touch, all the while snorting into a pillow with glee. Yep, it still delights me just thinking bout it.

  7. I'm laughing out loud! Such fun. I love you all. Thanks for the stories. Any stragglers?

  8. Ha!! That's awesome Bethany! I can just imagine the conversation that took place between you and the boys before the big jump!

  9. Oh, Bethany! Your blogs make me all weepy as I'm overcome with whimsy. You are such an amazing, prolific poet -- such an eye for the ordinary as extraordinary!! When I was younger, I wanted to be Anne Shirley when I grew up. Now that I actually KNOW an Anne Shirley, I want to be like YOU when I grow up! Thank you for being who you are. We all get to benefit from the blessing that you are. Love you, Lady!