Sunday, October 2, 2016


Dear Momma, 
I really love you.Thanks 
to you I think I am getting 
into a groove with my 
school work. I am looking 
forward to a freetime 
infested day tomorrow 
where I work hard then 
I play hard. You are the 
best of mothers.

P.S. I enjoyed talking politics 
with you today. I love 
you. Sleep Well!

Emma Jane

Dear Daddy,
I really enjoyed watching
the debate with you. As USA 
citizens I feel people have
an obligation to vote, or
at least inform themselves,
and many people skip both.
If only God gives us a better 
leader than we deserve...

Dear Momma,
I really enjoyed watching 
the debate with you. I
have no idea how people
will vote for a person
who is mean to people
and will not answer critical
questions. I feel sure the
devil is laying another trap
for our nation. I feel 
like people should at least
inform themselves. As to people
who will not vote, I feel they
must be either acting stupidly or
wickedly. I love you.

Emma Jane

So it begins, the girl is old enough to talk politics. Opinions bloom. And she shares. Most nights we find a note tagged to the bathroom counter, a token, a small vulnerability. Each says the same: Who am I in the world? We watch, trade secrets, and hold tiny pieces of each other like agates collected on the beach.


6112. Jane's notes.

6113. We celebrate the birthdays of extended family. The party, it's where we share stories that have encouraged our faith. Something greater than the stories springs up between them.

6114.  Aunt Rosie takes family pictures of our great big family. Somehow, the whole day comes together with tranquility uncharacteristic of getting eight people properly dressed and smiling pleasantly.

6115. Friends come over to share an evening. We visit and have our favorite things: delicious food, a library of books, the love of Christ, the ebb and flow of small children, conversation that fills in the cracks. They even bring pie, TWO. Blueberry. Bliss.

6116. My parents visit dear, dear friends in Minnesota for their 40th wedding anniversary.

6117. Nighttime temperatures dip and threaten to freeze. The children traipse to the garden between dinner dishes and bedtime and pick it clean. 

6118. A long week ends with everyone on the same page and tired but content, jewels of our home.


  1. Your blog every week is like Jane's notes to me. Life stretching and growing into the goodness that comes from the Lord's hand. It is encouragement. Encouragement like that of the birthday celebration you described--stories of faith to encourage both the teller and everyone listening.

  2. You make me want to be a better mom. The election stuff has completely wrecked my nerves. Completely.