Sunday, October 19, 2014


"This is a story about Robinson Crusoe," Jack says. "He was on a boat that broke." Book cover permanently curled open, he turns to a bookmarked page part way through. He, seated there on the ottoman, Myra, on the couch, ensconced in the long arms of a fleece throw, Jack begins to read.

"Robinson Crusoe was on a ship for many days," he says. Still groggy with croup, Myra pulls the blanket up under her chin. Jack's voice turns soft circles, lulls her quiet and sleepy.


The nap spent, the story gone, me sewing in the basement, Jane checks in, turns in morning work.

"I'm gonna go upstairs," she says.

"Ok," I look up from a blue circle half sewn on a cream colored square.

"'Cause Myra said she feels like no one is by her," Jane says, "and she described being lonely. So..." Jane nods, blinks. "Yeah," she says.

"Good," I say, "good idea,"

With that she scampers up the back stairs. A burden of care shifts from sibling to sibling. Invisible bonds grow stronger each day.


5476. "I'm starting to realize what CLEAN is," Lu says as I have her wipe down the kitchen table, smudge free and shining.

5477. Joey tries his hand at the microwave. We throw out the ruined bowls.

5478. Joey tries to start the dishwasher. Jack vacuums up the spindrift of dishwasher deterrent.

5479. Joey dumps the refill bottle of nail polish top coat down the bathroom drain. Jane sleuths him out, and we wash it away before it dries.

5480. Joey tries to get into my vitamins. Childproof lids protect him from all but two capsules of Citrucel which leave him "regular" but undamaged.

5481. Joey empties my wallet and dismantles the emergency maxi-pad tucked in a zipper pocket all while waiting on my bed to get in trouble.

5482. Joey lets the chickens out, dumps their food, and shuts one's head in the coop door. Somehow none die, and they keep on laying eggs.

5483. Joey decides potty training is for the birds and pees all over the house and yard. He gets in trouble, LOTS of trouble.

5484. Joey gets in trouble ALL week long. And finally, finally, shows signs of reformation. Glory day.

5485. Joey brings his blankie boy, spreads it over my shoulders, and offers to brush my hair with his toothbrush.

5486. Joey prays for the baby in my tummy.

5487. We have an ultrasound and the sweet baby girl is growing strong and healthy.

5488. Jane continues planning Christmas gifts and takes a secret trip to the fabric store. She glows with anticipation as she narrates the gifts for me.

5489. I take a secret trip to the fabric store.

5490. We make a visit to the farm. Craig's mom passes on some sweaters Great-Grammie made and a vintage pattern.

5491. Craig makes pancakes three times this week.

5492. We finally change out all the summer clothes for winter wear.

5493. Craig and I communicate and miscommunicate all week long and somehow find that steadfast love carries us through.


  1. The wonderful thing about truth is that it needs no props, no coercion. You have a keen eye for spotting it whether in empathy that takes your children to action or in directing the missteps of Joey. Joey. Such a "can do" child. Such optimism is rare. I laughed out loud, no, I LAUGHED OUT LOUD.

  2. Although it is difficult to tell at times, I too, am continuously amazed at how much the siblings do love each other. Makes my heart happy! Completely hilarious Joey! He must be two! Totally reminiscing about a few of those "mishaps" in our home! And that baby girl, so sweet, so excited for you all! I also really love the photo of Emma, she looks so grown up!

  3. Holey moley! Building some serious character there, Joe! Can't wait to see his personality blossom in the next few years :)