Sunday, January 13, 2013

Dinner Games

"My words of love," Jack says, "are for M-O-M." Across the table, he's a rolling surf of movement. Soup bowl at his elbow, he pauses, tilts his head, "I love that you make us do stuff that is right." Our eyes steady, I smile into the blue irises.

Acts of Service, Words of Love -- it's a dinner game. When it's your turn you say one thing you did to serve others and then one word of love about someone at the table. Whoever gets the word of love goes next.

And then it's Saturday. Craig picks the game: Would You Rather.

"Would you rather be able to fly or breathe underwater?" We circle, take turns calling on each other. We lean in, elbows on the table, soup bowls askew. Myra leans so far she's belly down, elbows in the center. The conversation draws us in.

"Would you rather be able to make anything magically appear or to live forever?" We him and haw, tap our fingers in anticipation.

"I want magic so I can make a million dollars and buy a watch," Jack blurts, and we laugh and nod.

"Oh yeah," someone says and they burgeon on.

"It says in Revelation, I think," Jane says, "that the people who live to the end of the tribulation will be blessed, so I pick live forever."

Live forever, conversation skitters, spirograph circles weave and intersect. They don't realize it, but the world becomes more clear as we talk.


4031. "My favorite color," Lucy says, "is messy-every-color."

4032. "Jack, I know you tooted," Jane grouses, "just please try not to do it during school."

4033. I pass some clothes down to Jane, alter a skirt to fit. I comment that the skirt is dressier than any other skirt she has. "Is it the kind you would wear to a presidential debate?" she wants to know. "Um, yeah," I say picturing this past political season. "Wow," she whispers, eyebrow arched and grin a mile wide.

4034. I steal a nap down by the fire.

4035. "Mom," Jane comments, "I want to do real art, not just arts and activities, REAL art. I hardly know anything about it."

4036. The inside of the old dishwasher melts when the heat element gets stuck on. Craig researches and buys a new one, then washes a galley of dishes by hand. We turn the old washer into a drying rack until the new one gets here.

4037. Everyday Craig lays down his life for me. Submission is a pleasure. I am humbled. My heart beats with devotion.


  1. 4037 The platform upon which "family" is built. Love to you. Love to Craig.

  2. Oh Bethany...I love the dinner table ideas! I am always looking for a way to keep our 4 boys at the table a little longer. Thanks for sharing!

  3. Your conversations are such keepsakes:) - keepsakes that are like quilts you will wrap around you later. I like your dinner table games - I want to try to incorporate that - it's so much harder with their twees to teens + :) It was a joy to stop by and listen in!