Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas

Photo courtesy of Urban Rose Photography.


1747. Jack's attempt at adult conversation, "Myra's such a little childhood."

1748. How Lucy calls Craig's spiky hair, spicy hair.

1749. Jane's confesses when we ask about Christmas grafitti scrawled on the dining room wall: MERRY CHRISTMAS with holly berries.

1750. How Lucy says she like her baby because it has happy eyes.

1751. Jane's response when I ask her to tidy up the bathroom, "Momma, I don't really want this to become a cleaning day."

1752. Lucy up early from nap, "Mom, my thumb hurts. I took off the hangnail carefully my own self."

1753. How Jane tires to talk politics, "Why won't they grab the bull by the horns?!"

1754. Her commentary on me making Christmas goodies, "Mom, you're actually cooking, like COOKING-cooking."

1755. How Myra pushes a recipe book off my lap and climbs up to snuggle.

1756. How Lucy taps my leg, "Momma, I want you to dance with me where you hold me."

1757. Jack with a handful of grapes, "Guess what I did? I presented treasures to Myra."

1758. How all our kids want to dip their Springerle cookies in my coffee.

1759. All the family and gifts gathered to celebrate Christmas down on the farm.

1760. The bliss of cousins wound up and full of cookies and nuts and cheese and candy canes.

1761. A movie and popcorn with husband.

Photo courtesy of Urban Rose Photography.

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  1. We're celebrating with cousins too! And that's amazing since we're in Africa! God is good. Lovely Christmas commentary. Blessings to your sweet family!

  2. I love to read words from the mouths of children. How innocent and real they are! I work with 3-4 year old children in a private school and write down some of the funny things they say. It sounds like you had a lovely Christmas along with many blessings for which to be thankful.

    Blessings and love,

  3. You capture the way children try on being adult--and how they gradually get better at it. I love the way you treasure their steps and never ever make those attempts feel like mis-steps or crush those attempts with belittlement or correction.

    Can't wait for that next little babe to arrive.

  4. yay! i saw all your family pix and they are STUNNING!! great job! we just did the family shoot (in sept) but only had an hour, so it felt a little rushed to me. your family did REALLY well... it's not always easy!!

    well, it helps that you are all really beautiful people too. :)

    amy in peru