Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Sweater

"Lucy, maybe you should grab a sweater," pigtailed curls disappear through the kitchen. Lucy and three more sets of bare feet thump by.

"Daddy's outside," someone shouts.

As she rounds the corner, Lulie calls over her shoulder, "Mmm, I would like a sweater, but I will go without."

And as if the whole ocean could wash out in single wave, the house is silent for a moment. Daddy's home. The whole world tilts toward him.


1524. Lucy's determination that you can't get out of Hell because they have guards watching.

1525. Her reiteration twice in one week that she actually feels better after she gets in trouble for doing something naughty.

1526. Janie's nod, "Yeah."

1527. Little glimpses into the silhouettes of their conscience.

1527. How Lucy wears a winter mitten to burp her babydoll.

1528. How Jane peeks over at Jack in school, "Is there any way you could be self-disciplined right now, and get your math out?" she asks. "'Cause I'm not in charge of that so..." She trails off.

1529. Jack's patience.

1530. How when I make my pregnant self a whole plate of nachos, Jane eyes them and smiles, "Momma, that just looks so good. I'm glad you get that."

1531. How as we read more of Huckleberry Finn Jane bursts into praying for him one night and Jack adds, "Jane, that was a really good prayer."

1532. Lucy saying, "God gave me two eyes," as she peels her eyepatch off.

1533. Teaching the kids how to make leaf rubbings and Jacks exclamation, "Look! I made mine the color of mold."

1534. Janie whisked away for an overnight Gramma date. And how she sits in the back of Gramma's car as if royalty while we all come to kiss her goodbye.

1535. How she's walking on air when she comes back.

1536. Lucy's, "We miss Jane. I just love her."

1537. How we happen upon Lucy's little treasure trove of ABC gum and throw it away.

1538. Correction: apparently it was everyone's little treasure trove.

1539. How Lucy sings, "Bless me God, bless me God..." as she works.

1540. How Jack strips the sheets off his bed and Lucy's bed to help out.

1541. The absolute BEST family pics ever. Thanks Rosie!!

1542. Jane's moss green sweatshirt and matching owl tee, the soft brown shirt with five-petaled flowers.

1543. How Craig takes the kids outside to dig carrots while I make dinner.

1544. The gentle sigh of Myra's breathing as she sleeps.

1545. Lucy's conclusion as she leans on a kitchen cutting board, "GOD gave us TWO cutting boards."

1546. How it's just a small and superficial blood clot behind my knee.

1547. How my parents aren't anywhere near Kenya's unstable northern border. How their trip in the southern part has been so fruitful.

1548. George. The little boy we sponsor in Kenya, and how my mom brought him a photo book from us, and hugs, and miles and miles of love. The smiling picture she took of him.

1549. Janie's "Thank-you, Daddy," when he rousts her before dawn to volunteer with him.

1550. Listening to a sermon by my brother on itunes.

1551. Dinner with sis-in-law, food made for me, and friendship that makes you feel normal again.

1552. Craig's exhortation: You gotta remember, whatever the situation, you can handle it. Otherwise God wouldn't have put you there.

1553. How every situation looks a little different that way.

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  1. I just love all the photos in this post!! You capture the moemtns beautifully! And the kids...oh those kids! The character that is developing in each of them is so much fun to be a part of. And #1552, such wisdom and how easy it seems to forget that.

    Love you!

  2. What a beautiful family! So sweet. Thanks for sharing!

  3. whatever happens- you CAN handle it. yes because we have an Overcoming God! And He knows just what we can handle! I had to give some positive self talk this week- and give thanks for all His warfare provision! Thanks for your list- it was encouraging. blessings from Uganda

  4. "friendship that makes you feel normal again" it.
    You are gifted at capturing moments in words. And the photo shoot was an obvious success!

  5. Oh how I love swinging by "your place" today. My daughter has said that exact thing #1525. In fact she still appreciates the boundaries and she is 18. Time flies oh so quickly.
    Great post!

  6. Just love your lists. They paint such a beautiful picture of your family. And the pictures are great too!

  7. I always enjoy your list so much. many smiles as I read about your children and their thoughts and words. but # 1552 brought the lump to my throat and the wet sting in my eyes. My father has Alzheimer's. My mother has Parkinson's. They have recently had to be separated for the first time in 60 years. Yesterday, for the first time in my 45 years, my father was confused about who I was. Thank you, and thank Craig for me. You never know what or when a little word will make all the difference. Blessings to you and your sweet family.

  8. Bless all of you. This post made me smile and sigh at such sweetness and wisdom.
    Your lists are always so uplifting.
    Hugs, Deborah

  9. Hello from Africa! Just reading this made me wish I was home, almost felt like I was. Miss you ! xxoo

  10. Bethany,

    beautiful list, and such cute photos of Jack pushing the girls in the jeep--such the little man. i truly enjoyed reading your list, as i always do! and the family photos are stunning!