Sunday, May 1, 2011

The Small Stuff

"I couldn't reach the bucket, 'cause I left it on my bed," Jack warbles, sobs. And then the realization hits: There's puke in the bedroom. The laundry basket caught half, then the leggos and carpet.

Now that I'm an official cleaner upper of both diarrhea in a bed and vomit down my shirt in a public place, you would think Jack's statement would not take us off guard. Indeed. Even so, Craig, bless his heart, managed to procure an new pair of running shoes for me while I hid in the car. The small things, right?

"Jesus," Jane prays, "thank-you for all of us. And help us to be the meek more often."

The meek. Indeed, may it be so.


822. How Lulie and I sit in the sun on the old navy lawn chair and crunch graham crackers for 20 minutes before we realize our behinds are all wet.

823. How I try to tell Craig, I do poo he does puke, but we both help each other anyway.

824. That my parents brave the sick ward to join us for dinner.

825. That Rosie's up and coughing instead of listless.

826. Jane's appeal, "Momma, I have something I really want you to do, but you don't have to. I would just really appreciate it," when she wants me to get her baby bear out of the car.

827. A couple of extra hours with Craig this morning and how he piles the dining table with neat stacks of coupons clipped from the Sunday ads.

828. How Jack sacks out on the bathroom floor in case he gets sick again tonight.

829. A clean tidy laundry station.

830. Mason jars of laundry soap.

831. Children that cuddle like chickies under my wings.

832. That we're the ones to care for these children.

833. How Craig leads without micro-managing.

834. Learning to follow.

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  1. 823--totally my choice if I have one. lol. Ah, the joys of motherhood.
    Being a stay-at-home mom certainly is the hardest and most rewarding job e.v.e.r. Hope all is well, miss seeing you Sunday mornings.

  2. Awww, it's truly hard to be thankful amidst the puke!
    Beautiful post, as always. Thanks for sharing, even in the midst of what sounds like a tough week!

  3. what a lovely blog. Love your list of gifts... so glad I stopped over here from Ann's blog.

  4. Wow. I do not know your story, but blessed to share with you. You are almost there and He is covering you.

  5. Love your list... I relate :) when one of our kids throws up in the bed my husband and I have an attack plan... he takes the kid and I take the bed. I think he's got the better end of the deal as he goes straight to the shower, but at least he's helping! Blessings!

  6. Ugh, this sounds terrible! I agree, though, there is something special about sick children and the role that we are given as their protectors, especially when they are so helpless ;)

  7. Puke and Poo: a lil test of unconditional love. A little test of humility. Bedrock.

  8. Sorry, girl! That's a rough day! You all make life seem so simple - glitches and all. Can't wait for cuddling chickies under my wings!! :)

  9. I love them all, Bethany! What wonderful examples of gratitude.
    Sorry you're having to dal with all that fun (NOT!) sick stuff... We were in that exact boat last week, had to miss Easter service (sniff, sniff)... But so thankful to the Lord we didn't have to take either one to the hospital for dehydration or any other complications :)
    love you and miss you Bethany!

  10. my faves were #822-love those moments...#831-chickies under wings...and love "leads with micro-managing..." and "learning to follow"...yes me too, me too. loved all of it<3

  11. Oh Bethany I am so sorry!
    Yet you even speak of the hard things in life with such passion. Amazing!

    Been thinking of you a lot. I do hope you are well my dear friend.