Wednesday, March 2, 2011


"But we thought the mud would be warm."

A puddle forms between blizzards, swallows up the yard and bare feet.

"When we got in the mud, we had to take a BLACK bath," Lulie opens her eyes wide.

"I gotta get more lotion for Lulie's feet," Jack thumppity-thumps up the back stairs.

"Was she out in that puddle again?" Daddy calls.


"Where is she?"

"Down on the couch."

Downstairs, Daddy stokes the fire. Lucy watches, toes propped on coffee table.

"Did you go in that puddle so Jack would put lotion on your feet?"

"Yeah," she bobs her head, "because it smell good."

Jack drubs down the wooden stairs, pink baby lotion under elbow. "She wanted us to take care of her like a kid," he says, slaps his knee.

Later, steel cut oats, Jack propped at stove, tip-toe on red wooden stool. He rakes metal spatula with the grace of an ax.

"Wave extra for me," he shouts to the front door. Daddy backs little black pick-up down the driveway. Off to work. I wave with both hands.

Another day. Another good day.


  1. Even if Lulu did slightly manipulate Jack, he very graciously took care of Lulu's feet. I love how all your kiddos serve eachother. They are a shining example of Christ's love.

  2. i loved that! Loved your descriptions, and your pictures, and the sweet moment.

  3. Yup Lulie has it right. Sometimes you just need a lil foot rub. The kind that comes from care and concern rather than duty.

  4. how cute...i like to play in the mud...and nice he took care of her feet...nice gentle moments...a good day indeed.

  5. What cute moment! Mud play is always fun.

  6. Mud should be warmer. They should try again in a couple of months. I love how kids are even transparent when they are bein' kinda sneaky. And lotion does smelly yummy. A very good day indeed.

  7. there is in your home... your children just overflow. and i wish for every child to be mothered by you dear bethany. you have the eyes of Christ, to see them as they truly are...

  8. That was the most beautiful story of mud EVER!!!

  9. Ah the days of stomping through mud just because. I miss them. These pictures are great.

  10. Hooray Bethany! What a find! I'm glad that you stared at my mom long enough to solve the mystery.

    So Emma must be in school and Jack too? I have a Jack! Jack is starting Kinder this fall and I'm excited for him and sad for me.

    Your blog is so beautiful. I (like everyone else) enjoy your descriptions and artistic pictures. I'll be peeking at your blog for pearls of wisdom in the familiar mommy/wife categories. Love you.

  11. Oh yes, a GOOD day. And you tell it SO GOOD.

  12. me too. what they all said...


    amy in peru

  13. your four are downright enchanting. so much joy sandwiched between those walls of yours.

  14. I love the stories of your children, especially this one. Priceless! :)

  15. This made me cry. The extra wave part...good grief...

    Can I move in? Just for a week... (I have so much to learn from you.)