Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Breech Baby

No-make-up-me and sweet baby. 35 wks.

Doc says she's breech. My ribs agree.

So pretty please, little miss, do me a somersault.

The rest of you feel free to say a little prayer. :)


  1. Lord, you who are able to turn atoms and stars, please turn this lil girl head down for delivery. Be her deliverer in every way, all her life. Amen.

  2. Sweetie (weird, I never call you that but it just fits right now!)- I'm praying for you. Move, sweet girl!

    And those are about the cutest self portraits ever. You are a gorgeous pregnant woman. Hugs!

  3. Atoms and stars, how could I forget? Nothing left to chance. Lord, renew my mind.

    Thanks, girls. Love you both!

  4. Lord, this little one has been dancing in her mamma's tummy for awhile now. Help her dance just a little more, maybe even a fancy flip before she enters this new world. Amen!

    LOVE these photos!! Can't wait to meet your newest bundle!

  5. Praying, and may I also offer a recommendation?

    Dr. Thomas in Post Falls is trained in the Webster Technique which is highly effective (and completely painless) for getting breech babies to turn because it removes intrauterine constraint. None of mine was breech, but three were posterior shortly before birth and turned after my visits.

    You are so adorable! I say that very sincerely.

  6. The cutest baby bump EVER! I sort of forgot you were so far along since I haven't seen many pics of you lately. Home stretch now...

    I'll be praying for you regularly and for that sweet girl to move her head south.

    My doc told me when I was pregnant with Katie to spend time on my knees ;) and my hands (all 4s) for a period of time while watching TV or something and that was supposed to help move her. Don't know how much that strategy helped but she was not born breech.


  7. This site has lots of information about ways to help breech babies move. Also, my doula recommended sitting on an exercize ball that is blown up big enough that your hips are higher than your knees. It opens up the pelvis and gives baby room to move. Just said a quick prayer for you!

  8. And then there's Daddy. He wasn't interested in standing on his head. What can I say? You had a couple good suggestions to try, but the best is your mom's!

  9. Oh thank-you all! Suggestions and prayers, I am so blessed. Hugs to everyone. I'll keep you posted!