Wednesday, November 18, 2009


The Children's Hospital. They have fish everywhere. Murals, sculptures, aquariums, floor tiles. Fish. Every room has fish. Except the testing room. A vision test, a VEP brain test, computers, electrodes, one major breakdown-fit, and a lot of data.

At a time like that don't you just love graphs? I do. Plot the points and trace the curve. There's not a lot of guess work. The bad eye can't keep up. There's really only one answer.

Surgery. In January or February one of the best surgeons in our nation will remove the lens of a tiny eye, Lulie's. He won't replace it. Her eye is too small, still growing. In the months after we will teach a one-and-a-half-year-old to wear a contact lens. She'll patch until she's eight.

And then, perhaps perfect vision.

And after all isn't that what He's offering? Vision. What a gift.


  1. By focusing your eyes on Jesus you're glorifying Him with this situation, and I so admire you. I wish this wasn't your journey - but those baby blues are sure blessed to have you as her mama. ((hugs!))

  2. I say to myself, OK. OK. Really God? Who knew I would be following my daughter through uncharted territory and finding her not only sound and sturdy for the trip but the essence of trust that this her journey will be good, despite the harrowing seas.

    Lulie, may you be blessed with a heart just like your mama's through this.

  3. After spending some time at the Children's Hospital myself this week, I'm reminded of how amazing a new perspective can be. How it can change your attitude. I was sitting there next to my sweet girls bed busy feeling sorry for myself when I was reminded that many people spend months or even years sitting next to their baby in a hospital room. Praise the Lord that none of our little ones have such an affliction! I'm so sorry that your little Lu is going through this but admire watching you keep your eyes on Jesus and the blessing of a healthy (mostly) little girl. What more can we ask for really? Praise Him for compitent doctors and the testimony that your family is to those around you. I love you!

  4. Thanks for being an example to all of us, Bethany. So many times, this year alone, I have seen God just fill you up with courage and wisdom to tackle any situation you are faced with and this is no different. Can't wait to see how God will use you (and Lulu) this time! I love ya!

  5. Wow. She is beautiful in so many ways Bethany. We are praying for her to continue to be strong... and for you. May the Lord give her this beautiful gift of full sight... something we all take for granted.

    Love, Keisha

  6. Cannot wait to see the amazing woman that Lucy will be. I am praying for you. Keep on keeping the faith. Love you.

  7. Oh, Bethany. Praying for little Lulie and her family during this part of your faith walk. I wish it were an easier road!

  8. When her eyes are done growing will they put in a new lens? It is amazing what can be done...

  9. Oh, thanks everyone. You are the long arms of faith encircling us. Thanks.

    Yes, replacing the lens eventually is the hope. If they replace it too soon her eye will grow and then it will be the wrong correction. I'm hoping our insurance doesn't decide the contact lens is good enough for the long-term. But, we'll cross the bridge when we come to it.

    Love you all.