Friday, October 23, 2009


"If someone shoots you a 1000 times, then does your spirit die?" Her brow furrowed, she's perched on the couch arm.

I shift Lulie, "No. If you belong to Jesus, God breathes your breath-of-life into a new body in heaven."

"Oh." It's as if I've said, Honey, water is wet. She's already off skittering through the leggos. She's gathering details.

Later, "Did an animal give it's life for us to make this soup?"


"Did it want to?"


"Oh." Simple. She's plucked out a piece of the puzzle.

Later Jack interrupts his prayer and turns to sis, "Yeah Jane, you have to obey the REAL God."

And, "Jesus is REAL, you know," he arches his eyebrows. All of the sudden he makes a differentiation, the REAL God.

The day we harvest pole bean seeds the sun warms our backs. The children shed their shoes. Lulie eats a few black nuggets, spits them out. Jane and Jack cradle them in sweaty palms like pennies. Another piece in the puzzle.


  1. On such a rainy day it's awesome to see these pictures and remember what it was like to be barefoot on the grass. Love her question about the soup - what a gem! :)

  2. You glorify God just by being you.....

    Love you,

  3. Indeed, there is the REAL vs pretend. I was all about pretend when I was little. Real was stuck the was it was. Pretned could be manipulated however I pleased. An important disinction even now.

  4. Thank you for asking. I've missed the blogging world, and have been kept away due to my computer's illness. :(

  5. Oh Bethany...your WORDS.

    You could be writing this blog on the back of a dirty napkin, and it would still be some of the most awe-inspiring beautiful stuff I've ever seen.

    You have a gift, my friend. Thanks for sharing.

  6. You guys have such a beautiful family! Glad to find you on here so I can catch up with you! Blessings. Liz Jacob (Koller0