Monday, July 13, 2009

It's a little too quiet and ...

...the living room transforms into castles of laundry and a wicker turret. Jack and Lulie, wedged in a crunching basket stare intently at something: the strainer-ball, the one for brewing Christmas punch. Lulie waits. No one moves. The script obviously doesn't include Momma. Jack chinks open the tea-ball and offers Lulie contraband: Quaker Oatmeal Squares. A dilapidated cereal sleeve is mostly empty on the floor. Janie patrols strictly enforcing The Sharing Rule.

A few days later, Daddy finds more cereal rifled through the laundry. Momma's sweet on him for tossing in a laundry load.


  1. I love how Jack loves Lulu. I love how that Craig will toss in some laundry and that you hear him speaking that language (acts of service). And Janie--she is a lion for God, she is. I've just been reading about all the kings in the O.T.. GOd really does want us to follow the rules. Counter-culural, no?

  2. I love how you step inside the thinking of your creative children! So fun to read.

    You have beautiful children, Bethany! LE

  3. What a great little snapshot of your family! Sweet post. :)

  4. Oh! Your house must be the coziest one in the whole neighborhood! Just look how secure they are in their exploration of their world! Sheer poetry, Bethany! Sheer poetry!