Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Banana-Banana, Knock-Knock

If I let them, my monkey children would eat a banana at every meal.

And some inbetween.

Now that Daddy is home from Kenya Jack continues to pray, "Help Daddy be safe in Africa, A-MEN," constantly.

And Janie informed me, "Hey Momma, you wanna know something that is TRUE?"


Banana in hand, she swallows. I should probably pause at the scary gulpy noise but don't. Eyebrows raised, "Everyday," she blinks, "someone in the whole entire world has to go PEE." Blink. She dissolves into gopher-tooth-grin.

And the fun continues.


  1. HAHAHAHA--her father's daughter (liking the funny box)!

  2. Good thing you live so close to Costco! I bet bananas are always on your list. We love your little monkey children. :)

  3. Just wait, give it another few weeks and when you have a whole butt load of bananas they will decide they never want to eat another banana again. Well, at least until they are 15 and go through the whole routine again. I have bananas rotting on the shelf as I speak.

  4. I can easily see myself joining your 3 little monkeys on the step. I too love bananas, especially ones that are still a little green!Emma cracks me up!

  5. I love those pictures of Jane! She looks like a character in a old fashioned children's book.

    Also love her personality... I always get a laugh watching her :)