Sunday, December 14, 2008

Big Brother

This is the boy that says, "Oooh, Lulie, I lub Lulu."

Most days when I make it in to roust Lucy, Jack has already been in to check on her multiple times. She sucks thumbie and watches him, teases a little smile at the corner of her mouth. Once he was actually in the little cradle with her. When you're two, a hug and a full body super affectionate tackle are pretty much the same thing. She loved it. Whenever we go somewhere in the car, Jack sits and holds Lulu's little hand the whole time. Lots of days I find a special little toy tucked into the car seat from him.

Love that boy!


  1. They're going to have a special bond. Love that he calls her Lulie!

  2. Big bro is taking care of his little sis. How adorable!

  3. What a sweet brother! LOVE this picture and the stories that go with it. He has got a deep heart for his little Lulie! :) LE